#NowPlaying ♫: Latest track fresh off the press by the Alpines

Late to the Stranger Things hype I know, but this track on the soundtrack is 💯!

From the latest Kings of Leon album.  Solid record, but still reminiscing the old days.

On repeat all day: #NowPlaying ♫ 'Seaside' by Haux

Happy Sunday. With <3 from Kygo (and me :)

Warning: do not listen to this 62 minute mix...
...unless you want to start your Saturday night right with some deep house tunes.

It's my turn now by Awreeoh

"The leaves, they don't change here
The leaves don't change here, so I never saw it coming
Winter hit me, Hiroshima, where did the sun go?"

Sunday tunes straight out of Stafford, UK. The Editors killing it with this one.

Getting in the right mood for the upcoming #Supermoon Eclipse.  

Maechenhouse Vol 17 for chill sunday evenings

It's ok for guys to show their sensitive side. Every so often. Am I right!?

Another Sunday night, another music revelation

Rediscovering once reveled tracks via BallersHBO.  Lil Wayne & Drake collab anno 2010

Love discovering tracks via Apple Music. They just need to get the sharing right. Follow Sims for new tunes here: https://twitter.com/SIMSdoomtree

Mixmag's In Session featuring Kölsch.  Follow along via their twitter: https://twitter.com/Mixmag

Alesso remixed by Autograf.

Loving the Maedchenhouse series on SoundCloud.  Latest Vol. 15 out now. Recommend hitting repeat!

Party mode ON!

American rock straight from Cleveland, Ohio. Fine-tuned by Steve James.

Can't go wrong with a remix of Alanis Morissette's 'Thank You'.

Great track by M83. There's a pretty sweet remix available for free on SoundCloud by Kygo. Get it here!

Ending track from Camp Xray. Outstanding movie. Read more here.

Literally will raise your Blood Pressure

Great track incl free download on SoundCloud!

Killers + Cazzette >  d---0.o---b

Old school, but cool school

One of the greatest songs out there. Associate so many good memories and thoughts with this song. 

This one's for the Germans :)

One of the all-time faves

Straight from one of Berlin's finest