Welcome to the First Persian Blog from Silicon Valley - Made by a Persian, for Persians (and the rest of the World)

What a great day to start off this little diary. With Apple launching their new iPhone series, the whole world has shifted it’s attention to Silicon Valley to witness Apple’s next step to world domination.

First and foremost, the idea of this blog is to be a source of information for all my fellow Iranian people, who are deprived from all the daily, nay, hourly developments in the tech world in the western hemisphere.
Obviously, the content in here will be as subjective as any other blog or news paper inherently is, with the writer adding his own little ideas and thought processes to the news that is being posted.

The idea though is to add a little Iranian flair to the news, in short, make it more fun and sexy….just kidding. Being an Iranian with roots in Europe and now working in Silicon Valley, I’m hoping to provide an insider’s perspective on all the hot topics.

Right now, in fall 2011, Iran is experiencing it’s facebook boom with the millions of millions of young Iranian’s signing up to the service and communicating in a world, where social media is becoming almost as important as the air you breathe (admittedly¬†this is a bit radical, but hey it’s all subjective). This is happening more than seven years after facebook was first launched and after the occident had for many many years already understood the benefits and the impact of social communication. My goal is to bridge that gap so that in the future Iran’s tech-savvy youth can learn about these technologies in a much shorter period of time and through that inspire innovation in Iran.