TEDx is coming to Tehran

Farscrunch is back. Thanks to Sebastian Blum for consistently pushing me to keep this little project going. Now enough for the sweet talk, let’s get back to business.

TEDx is coming to Tehran. For the very first time, TED is drawing everyone’s attention to the great capital of Iran. The independently organized event hosted by Tehran’s AmirKabir University of Technology will bring together speakers and national & international entrepreneurs alike.

Unfortunately, I find it pretty confusing and poorly communicated what the main focus and topic of the event will be. It seems the focus is around Creativity, Sustainable Energy, Prosperity, Innovation & Entertainment. All in all a bit too vague for my taste, but there is still some time to work on that.

As unique and valuable this event may be - not only for Iran, but for the whole Middle Eastern region - there are still elements that could be worked upon to gain greater momentum and increase Iran’s status globally: provide clear incentives for startups to attend the conference, getting internationally renowned speakers to help build credibility and better use of social media to attract Iran’s youth and international attention.

All in all, this is a great step in the right direction. Hope we can get Cooliris and topics like photo, mobile & the private social network up on stage for next year’s TEDx Tehran (check out Cooliris at www.cooliris.com & www.facebook.com/cooliris).

You can follow TEDx Tehran on Facebook or via their website.