All new LiveShare by Cooliris - what is really under the hood?

LiveShare by Cooliris recently introduced the all new version of their mobile client for Android and iOS. Below this post, you can see the web element in form of the 3D gallery tha’s embedded onto this page. 

For those not familiar with the concept of LiveShare, the app allows users to create intuitive temporal or ad-hoc groups on the fly and share rich media within those (private or public) groups. LiveShare currently supports photos only, but the vision of the product crystalizes into two things:

  • Content is highly contextual - even though the concept of a loud news feed is working for facebook or twitter, you can clearly see trends in contextualized content sharing - not all of my friends are interested to learn what I was eating for breakfast this morning. Being able to consume and share your media based on interest, time, space or relationships gives full power to the user. Here’s an article outlining LiveShare’s new features
  • The LiveShare service is currently supporting photo sharing only, but will soon extend into a full rich media communication suite, where users will be able to interact around photos, videos, links, maps, voip, etc. Here’s an article on the next gen LiveShare.

What’s the added value for the Middle East you ask?

LiveShare’s clear advantage compared to all other media sharing apps available is it’s powerful web presence. Internet consumption in the middle east and especially in Iran is mainly limited to the desktop computer, with smartphones not having found their way into the mass market yet. Take a look at the service and tell me what you think.