2011 Internet Trends!

This is a very extensive slide deck by Mary Meeker, Partner at Kleiner Perkins, on the overall Internet trends for the next years to come. Very extensive, still worth reading through.

Mary Meeker | Internet Trends | San Francisco 2011

Particularly slide 7 of the presentation presents some very relevant data on Internet usage in Iran.
In 2010, around 37 million people in Iran were using the Internet with a growth rate of 31% Y/Y. What’s even more interesting is the fact that Internet is being used by 49% of the overall population - with this, Iran has the 2nd highest penetration of all top 10 countries listed, which make up for around 54% of the world’s overall internet users.

And it even gets better: within the last 3 years, Internet usage has been steadily growing in Iran to the extent that Iran has added more Internet users within the last 3 years than the US. 

Would be interesting to see how the smartphone and mobile internet landscape in Iran can compete against the top 10 countries. More to come on that topic soon …